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С нами с 21.10.16
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Man, I hope Google translate did a good job with the translation of the thread title...

For those that don't know me yet,
hello everybody,
my name is Vanja.

I was supposed to be named Igor, but my father didn't want a Russian name for me, so I was named Vanja trollface.png
I suck at introductions but I'm a pro a what I do so....

I've been an adult content writer for a while now, sometimes I think way too long - 4 somewhat years and counting.

I have way too much experience in this field, did many projects, made many clients happy (at least they say so), made friends, things are going good and now it's time to branch out and give you a service that you're pleased with.

To make things short,

For an effective writing service one might need today,
be it titles, descriptions, reviews, re-writes, texts for escort services, blogs and blog updates, model descriptions so on and so forth - check out my sig and feel free to contact me now.

Before we start, I prefer to do a brief test run, to see if we are compatible - I don't fuck on the first date, I don't have to.
I'm from Eastern Europe. Those who are in the game understand what this means - excellent English, with Indian prices - woop wooop!

For those that want some samples - go here contentbay.biz.
For those that desire some more - ask and ye shall deliver.
For those that inquire about the prices - ask privately.
I'm not gonna put it up on the board and shoot myself in the foot because of a few pennies - writers know what I'm talking about.

Also, for bigger tasks, when needed I summon a team of hired pen-slingers who some call "The Smuttley Crew".
They are highly wanted desperados of adult writing, so beware of their deadly skills. They are deadly...

That's it guys,

Peace and love


Skype: Contentbay
ICQ: 691792528
E-mail: order@contentbay.biz

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С нами с 01.11.01
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Недвижимость в Праге и аренда посуточно
Книга о сексе и не только )

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